Mover & Shaker by Sarah Day


The rattle is just the beginning to a life of shaking things up for the better. 

Sales from this tee are shared with the artist, Sarah Day, and a cause she cares about. Sarah has chosen to give to the American Civil Liberties Union. What organization could better tie into the theme of moving mountains & shaking things up?

Black onesie with white graphic.
100% cotton.
Ethically produced in Downtown Los Angeles.

WRAP Platinum certified, this tee was made in a factory with ethical, humane, and lawful conditions -- 100% no sweatshop manufacturing-- with environmental and eco-friendly practices, including a solar powered sewing and cutting floor.

sarah day is an artist & illustrator from san diego, ca.  her work explores themes of self-transformation, human compassion, and social change, striving to form connections between the intimately personal and the widely universal.  colorful and outspoken, sarah’s work pushes us to reexamine what it means to grow, love, change, and heal: in our world, our communities, our relationships, and ourselves.  sarah lives in memphis, TN with all her feelings and far too many markers.     @sarahdayarts

6M (3-6M) 12-16 lbs 20"-25"
12M (6-12M) 16-22 lbs 25"-28"
2T 30-33 lbs 32"-35"
3T 33-36 lbs 35"-38"
4T 36-40 lbs 38"-40"
5T 40-45 lbs 40"-43"

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