I love naps but I stay woke by Kristina Micotti

Sloth power. This tee was inspired by a sign at this year's Women's March. 

Sales from this tee are shared with the artist, Kristina Micotti, and a cause she cares about. Kristina has chosen to give to The Humane Society of the United States because dogs rule.

White shirt with graphic. 
100% cotton.
Ethically produced in Downtown Los Angeles. 

WRAP Platinum certified, this tee was made in a factory with ethical, humane, and lawful conditions -- 100% no sweatshop manufacturing-- with environmental and eco-friendly practices, including a solar powered sewing and cutting floor. 

Kristina Micotti is an illustrator from the Bay Area. She enjoys illustrating animals of all shapes and sizes and turns them into products available at www.kristinamicotti.com.


6M (3-6M) 12-16 lbs 20"-25"
12M (6-12M) 16-22 lbs 25"-28"
2T 30-33 lbs 32"-35"
3T 33-36 lbs 35"-38"
4T 36-40 lbs 38"-40"
5T 40-45 lbs 40"-43"

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