Be Brave by Jess Koala

Be brave. Be bold. Be kind. This was actually taken from the end of an email at work that really inspired us. It pretty much sums up the best mantra ever. 

Sales from this tee are shared with the artist, Jess Koala, and a cause she cares about. Jess has chosen Action Network to help kids & families being separated & detailed at the US border.

White shirt with black graphic. 
100% cotton.
Ethically produced in Downtown Los Angeles. 

WRAP Platinum certified, this tee was made in a factory with ethical, humane, and lawful conditions -- 100% no sweatshop manufacturing-- with environmental and eco-friendly practices, including a solar powered sewing and cutting floor. 

Jess Koala is a tattoo artist & illustrator based out of San Francisco, CA. Drawing weird creatures, flowers and objects since she was a kid, it was through zines and the RIot Grrrl movement that she found her voice and style. Pouring all of her heart into her work, she believes that art and activism go hand in hand, giving voice to the voiceless & creating a better world.


6M (3-6M) 12-16 lbs 20"-25"
12M (6-12M) 16-22 lbs 25"-28"
2T 30-33 lbs 32"-35"
3T 33-36 lbs 35"-38"
4T 36-40 lbs 38"-40"
5T 40-45 lbs 40"-43"

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